Membership vs. Heir

Heir:  must be a "descendant” of an original grantee of the Merced and must have an interest in the common land of the Merced through inheritance, gift or purchase, as further defined by these Bylaws.

Member:  must be an heir as defined above and follow all membership requirements and processes.
Do you fit the criteria to be an eligible member of the San Joaquin Del Rio De Chama Land Grant?

Well complete the application below and submit it to the following email.

Applicant Process to Membership

All of this information on the applicant process and membership can be found in the resources tab in the San Joaquin del Rio de Chama Bylaws.

a) The “applicant heir” shall submit an Affidavit of Heirship, a verified Genealogy or other comparable documentation establishing his or her relationship to an original grantee of the Merced, who is identified by name.
b) The “applicant heir” shall submit proof of an interest in the common lands of the Merced, including but not limited to:  ownership of patented or fee land within the historic boundaries of the land grant, (option: ownership of real property within the boundaries of the Merced, as those boundaries were confirmed by the Congress of the United States), entitlement to use of profits a prendre, (rights of use of grazing, timber, firewood, rock, sand, gravel, other minerals and surface resources), entitlement to easements of all purposes, water holes, springs, acequias, stock and irrigation tanks, and other tenements or  hereditaments.
c)   The “applicant heir” shall submit proof of the method of his interest in the common lands, whether by inheritance by representation, testate succession, gift or purchase by deed, real estate contract, tax sale or other transfer of legal means.
d)   Upon receipt of the above-referenced proofs of heirship, the Board of Trustees shall accept the heir as a provisional member of the Merced.
e)  The provisional member shall be allowed to hold and exercise certain rights and privileges, subject to a final review, acceptance and approval of the application by the Board of Trustees at a future regular, special or annual meeting.